Design and Implementation Guidance

Front cover of the AEDG Guide for Zero Energy Schools showing a library at a zero energy school.
ACHIEVING ZERO ENERGY: Advanced Energy Design Guide for K–12 School Buildings

A 226-page ASHRAE publication that guides architects, engineers, and other building professionals through the process of designing and building zero energy K–12 schools in all U.S. climate zones.

Cover of the document A Road Map for Zero Energy Schools. It shows a parent and two children waling towards a zero energy school.
A Guide to Zero Energy and Zero Energy Ready K–12 Schools

Written for school stakeholders and zero energy advocates, this 68-page publication complements the more technical Advanced Energy Design Guide for K–12 School Buildings. In eight steps, this guide outlines how school stakeholders can be involved in the school design and construction process to ensure that zero energy design goals are introduced early in the process and maintained well after the school is operating. Although the document focuses on new construction, the information could be used to plan and execute deep zero energy retrofits.